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Nor. Cal Walk and Wade Trip upper Sacramento River
Walk and Wade upper Sacrament River Fly Fishing
Found Fish Head with Butterflies on upper sac

I did a walk and wade guide trip to the Upper Sacramento above Lake Head.  I worked for Jack Trout, there were 6 guides; myself, Jack Trout , Forrest Brizzendine, Matt Mitchel and Ike.  You really get a since of Northern California on these trips.  Spent two days up there on the Sac was still a bit on the high side, but caught a few fish. I went back a week later and fished streamers with a 30 ft type 6 shooting head during the day alot of my fish came casting up river into a hole and runs stip fast than current.but the big stones was most productive.  And yes I did find this sqaw fish a discouraged  predator with two monarch butterflies.

If you are looking for an Upper Sacramento river fishing guide, Call Greg Hector.