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If you are wondering how Greg got his nickname… in high school it was Hecky. His fishing buddies called him Hookem Hecky.

hookem hecky fly fishing upper sacramento river
hookem hecky

Hook’em Hecky’s is the premier fishing guide service for the Trinity and Sacramento Rivers. Not to mention all the other fishing hot spots like the Klamath River and other flyfishing destinations of Northern California. Years of experience stand behind each professional fly fishing guided trip or Salmon trip(Fly or Conventional).

Greg, born in Redding, CA, has been fishing the northern California waters since he was a boy..After Greg graduated from Northstate Christian High School in 1987 he spent every possible day fishing the local rivers for trout, steelhead and salmon. He started fly fishing at age 22. In 2004, Greg decided to take his extensive experience and fishing talent and start his own guide service. He worked with The Fly Shop in Redding, CA until 2006 as an independent contractor. In 2007 Greg started guiding all of his own clients and still does today. Greg has studied professional fly fishing techniques, casting(Mel Kreiger), presentation, entomology and his 15 years as a oarsman makes Hookem Hecky’s Guide Service your first choice to be your professional guide.

Whether you are looking for a professional fly fishing lesson or are a seasoned fisherman yourself seeking the ultimate thrill of landing a giant wild rainbow trout, salmon or steelhead, Hook’em Hecky’s is the service that you need.

Greg specializes in guided fly fish in trips for rainbow, steelhead and salmon on the Sacramento River, the Trinity River and the Klamath River and other Norhtern Californian rivers. Looking for the classic (Swinging or Drys) or newer styles (Nymphing and Spey casting)fly fishing adventure? Then you are ready for Northern CA’s premier fishing guide.

Fly Fishing Casting techniques

Greg is versed in Spey casting(Singel Spey, Double Spey, Snap-T and Snake Rolls), Roll casting(Standard Roll casting and Long Roll Casting), Belgian,Madison or the Wind cast(Pickup low trajectory back cast ending with a high projectory forward cast used with shooting heads or sink liines or nymphing rigs), False Casting(Used for finesse, presentation, dry’s and small steamers).

Fly Fishing Nymphing Techniques

Greg uses two different nymphing presentation, presenting a fly under a strike indicator (for a long dead drift presentation) or high sticking presentation (used in short drift presentations).

Fly Fishing Swinging Techniques

Greg uses spey or switch rods(two handed rod) or single handed(standard fly fishing rod). These techiniques are used with standard or sink lines, the grab will happen on the fall, drift, emerge or the swing.

Fly Fishing False Casting Techiniques

The traditional flyfishermen’s cast the cast made famous in the movie based on Alstair MacCleans novel “The River Run through it” made famous by Brad Pitt. Greg teaches accelerate to a stop, back and forward cast with the flying landing delicately and enticing the grab from a wild rainbow trout or steelhead.

Fishing is a great family sport – and we can help bring your family closer together.


For either a novice, or experienced fly fisherman, a guided trip is your best option for an enjoyable and instructional fly fishing trip. Greg, your Hook’em Hecky’s guide, knows all the hot spots, presentation and instruction needed for you to catch fish.

Fishing is a great family sport – and we can help bring your family closer together. Beginners and kids are always welcome. Hookem Hecky’s will help you catch your first fish and make family memories that will last a lifetime.

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There Are Big Native Bows And Steelhead In Northern California !

Although the fish range in all shapes and sizes, there are plenty of nice fish with to be caught, you’re sure to have a great experience. Greg’s knowledge of Fly Fishing, not to mention his quality gear, will provide you the guided fishing service you’re looking for. These fish are always present around your flys. All that was needed for these fish was a good presentation and good mechanics that Greg can teach novice and experienced anglers.