Trinity River Fishing Report

August 4th, 2017
Salmon fishing is good on the trinity River right now. There are bright fish to be caught. Average fish runs about 8 to 12 lb with big fish 30 lb. I also got a nice 9 – 10 lb wild steelhead. All these wild steelhead got to take extra special care of and get them back quickly. For the salmon we’re using quick fish style lures with sardine wrap. And for steelhead will be swinging burlaps and small streamers for the Trinity River steelhead. Nymphing will be throwing rubber legs and other small Stone patterns. Long with some Caddis handmade fly patterns. Eggs also work good. Tight lines and cheers to all


July 24, 2017:

Today I fished the Trinity River old school! We hooked Four Kings, and had eight other takedowns. A total of 12 opportunities. The Trinity River is so nice, and a great place to get away from the rat race. As of right now, Trinity River is the place to be! Salmon Season goes til only August 31st, so if you are looking to hook an adult King Salmon, give us a call, we’ll give you a fishing experience of a lifetime!

The lower Sacramento River that runs through Redding California is fishing good right now as well! With Caddis and mayflies fly fishing, we are catching fish on the Sacramento River throwing adult Caddis for rainbows. These fish are up to 25 inches and built like footballs. Either River translates to a great experience. Take your pick you can’t go wrong with a guided trip with Greg Hector of Hookem Hecky’s! Book your fly fishing guided trip online or call 530-515-5918.
August 26, 2015

The Salmon are running good in the Trinity River average fish is 10lbs to 15lbs with some fish up to 30lbs. They just showed up and they are bright so it is a good time to go. Right now Row and Quickfish with Sardine Wrap work well.

August 3, 2015

The Trinity River Salmon fishing has been slow; however, there are expected to be 120,000 Fall run Salmon to come into the Klamath/Trinity River Basin. There is a schedule flow change from August 15-19, 2015 sending down 2,650 C.F.S. that should push some Salmon up. We are getting hits, there are some fresh Salmon already in the system. It’s going to happen, I would start booking from August 19th forward.

July 1, 2015
Trinity River Guided Fly Fishing

Well some fish showed up, they have moved thru the bottom. I have heard there is another push of fish coming, we got fish from Old Lewiston Bridge clear down to Del Loma. These Springer King Salmon come in bright and are quality fish, average fish is from 8lb to 12lbs with some fish up to 30lbs. I like to go after these fish with plugs, which I think is the funniest and most effective way to catch them. The Fall run will start showing up after the first week of August.


January 5, 2015
Trinity River Guide Report

Over all it’s been a typical Trinity River Season, the pods are popping in and moving up. We got some rain in October, November, December and a little bit in January. Some better days, some good days, with a couple of tough days. It’s always the fishes fault, not the Angler’s (lol). Right now we have a push of fish that has come in, I have been fortunate to have better than average fishing but have heard of some that have had a tougher time. I really believe that with good presentation and strong sets, and fishing hard everyone should be able to have oppurtunities. The weather is nice, and warmer but be prepared for cooler mornings. Right now we are starting above the freezing mark, and by late morning/early afternoon we are getting up to around 60 degrees. Another words quality winter steelehead fishing. The Trinity River should fish into March, so still alot of time to get your fix! Stone Flies, Eggs, and all of the old standards i.e., Copper John’s, Princes, Pheasant Tails, etc will all work.


December 8, 2014
Trinity River Guide Report

The good news is we have been getting rain, that also brought up a good push of fish. Stoneflies, Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns, and Egg Patterns all are working on this River. So far the storms have been more towards the warmer side, and with fish throughout the system, even with rain we should still have an upper section to fish. The fish have been averaging 5lb to 8lbs, this is the time of year that you can get a fish up in the Teens. Call now for your booking, the Steelhead run into March, Gift Checks available for Christmas.

November 4, 2014
Trinity River Fly Fishing Report

We have water! Thank goodness for Dams, sometimes we don’t like them, some years they are necessary (go figure.) The current release to the Trinity River is 300 C.F.S., we have had some rain and it has moved some fish around. There are Steelhead to be caught areound the Trinity River System. There are still spawning Salmon, so Egg Patterns thrown tandem with Stone Flies, or small nymphs, Copper John’s, Pheaant Tails, and few October Caddis are also present. A Guided Fishing Trip is your best way to insure an enjoyable adventure. The Season will last thru March 2015, so plenty of time to get you on the water.

October 18, 2014
Trinity River

We got a good amount of Salmon in the Trinity, they are spawning right now. I have done pretty good on the Steelhead over there, one day we hooked 7 and the other day we hooked 10. The report is that there are quite a few Steelhead in the System. We have rain coming next week, that should stir things up a little bit. I have been catching my fish on Rubber legs, Eggs, Pheasant Tails and Copper John Patterns. The fish I caught were between 4lbs and 8lbs, and have been very bright.

September 7, 2014
Trinity River

The flows are at 950 CFS and will be at 450 CFS on September 14, 2014. We are hooking over 10 Salmon a trip, using plugs with Sardine Wrap. Our Summer heat wave seems to be drawing to a end, so the fishing is much more comfortable in the early afternoon. There doesn’t seem to be alot of Guides on the River, the pressure is light. I think the Steelhead are going to be here early. Call now and to book your Guided King Salmon and Fall Fishing Steelhead Trips.

September 6, 2014
Trinity River
Salmon Fishing Guided Trip

The Trinity River right now is running 950 CFS, the flows can go up or down depending on what is needed to avoid a Salmon kill at the mouth of the Klamath River.

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Greg took Andy Main and Mike Sanders on a 6 hour float today. We started at 4:30 out of Redding and were on the water below Junction City around 6:30 a.m. just before the sun rose. It was cool this morning and Mike and Andy had on long pants and sweat shirts which didn’t lask long after the Sun rose. Both fisherman caught limits today. It was a great day on the water with the flow as low as they were. Mike lost a monster King Salmon that ran the line under a submerged log and got away. The photos speak for themselves. A great day on the water.


July 21, 2014
Trinity River
Salmon Fishing

I just spent 3 days on the Trinity River, the Salmon fishing was great! Today we were 5 for 9 on King Salmon, all fish came on Quickfish. The average size was 8lbs to 12lbs, with big fish at 16lbs, and we lost one that was about 25lbs to 30lbs. The fish are bright and we probably will have a couple more weeks of Springers (Salmon), the fall run should start in a few weeks. It’s a good time to go, the chances of catching Salmon are really good.

June 15, 2014
Trinity River
Salmon Fishing/Fly Fishing Report

The flows are currently 700 C.F.S. with the flow decreasing to 450 C.F.S. by June 26, 2014. The Salmon have entered the system, Anglers have been hooking up to 5 per day, with some Summe Steelhead in the mix.

June 1, 2014

The flows are currently at 1000 C.F.S and will drop to 450 by June 26, 2014. This will enable us to start our season earlier. Steelhead will start around Mid-September.

December 29, 2013

Hope everybody had a nice Christmas, and have a Happy New Year. Took off work for the holidays, talked to some of my close buddies the word is “Spotty” in Junction City. But I believe the upper river may have some fish in it, that’s where they all go. The Flies to use would be Rubber Legs, TB, Golden Stone all you Copper John’s, Pheasant Tails, Hares Ears should all work. It’s more important on the fly being used, is the fly being presented in a “Dead Drift Manner”. If we get some rain, it’s going to be a good time to get up here.

December 14, 2013

Today I guided on the Trinity River, a two boat trip. We were 5 for 6 on Adult Steelhead, there are some fish around but right now you have to work for them.

December 5-12, 2013

We got an arctic freeze people, stay home unless you like fishing in teens all day.

November 6, 2013

There are Steelhead throughout the River, with some Kings and Coho Salmon. We got some rain earlier in October, these fish are not waiting for rain. The river is under 300 CFS, and when I was out on October 31 and the first of November, I could see the fish moving during the day. We saw some healty pods, there is a lot of pressure so you have to work for these fish. It takes the right Fly and more importantly the right presentation and light tippit. I am not using anthing less than 3X, because the fish we are hooking are big and/or hot. We are still fishing in our Teeshirts, a little cool in the morning and very pleasant in the afternoon. That makes November a great time to be on the Trinity River. We have a weather system that is supposed to be here Monday, November 11 & 12, that will stir things up. Flies to use are all Copper John’s sizes 12 and 14, various Prince’s, Stonefly patterns, egg patterns, and pheasant tails along with other small Steelhead Nymphs.

October 8, 2013

The Trinity is off to a good start this year, the fish just keep coming. We are seeing alot fish, pods of Steelhead, and there is another run of Salmon that just popped in and some of them are bright. Be sure to carry your Salmon Punch Card in case you hook one of the Bright Kings for the BBQ. The fish are extremely hot and bright, seeing a good amount of wild fish in the system too. The Salmon have started Spawning, so egg patterns are working well along with Pheasant Tails, Hairs Ears, Rubber Legs, Golden Stones, Copper John’s – Red, Black, Blue, Prince Nymphs, all seem to be working. It’s a very busy season, and there is not alot of Guide Availability. I have a few days left open in October, and I am half full in November and December. So Book now if you want to ensure a day on the Trinity River with me or one of my fishing partners.

October 1, 2013

Well guys and gals we had an interesting Salmon Season. We had a water fight between a Fresno Judge and the only way I know how to say it is the “People of the Trinity River” (which includes the Hoopa Tribe, Trinity River Restoration Program and the Trinity River Guide Association (TRGA) and other groups of interest). The people of the Trinity River won getting this Injunction overturned and were able to avoid a Salmon/Steelhead kill, that happened under the same water conditions of 2002. The Salmon and Steelhead had a 950 C.F.S to move thru their “Water Highway, ” therefore when we were on fish we were constantly fishing new fish. I got to say that it helped on the quality of the Salmon, our fish were healthy and maintained a brighter consistency.

I got on the Steelhead around September 20, 2013, where between two boats we hooked 11 Adult Steelhead. Since then I have been seeing Pods of around 5 to 20 Steelhead. I think it’s going to be a good year, it seem like it’s a little earlier by a couple of weeks then other Steelhead Seasons. A guided Fly Fishing trip is a good way to go to increase your success rate. I’ll having a Report coming on this page within a week.

December 3, 2012

After a good October and November season, the Trinity River is some say, the second best Steelhead since the infamous 06/07 season. Some are even saying the 06/07 and this current run have been the best in 2 Decades. We have to say the Restoration Program could be a big impact for this. Currently, we have just experienced one of the biggest rain storms in the Northern California Region in a long time. Some areas received up to 27 inches in a 3 day period. The Trinity River drops pretty quickly and should be the best yet to come. I looked on my graph today and Junction City peaked at 27,000 cfs and 2 days later it is just going under 4,000 cfs. We have another storm coming in and then it is supposed to break. If your Flyfishing for Winter steelhead, a Guide is a good way to go because you can take the guess work away and make sure your fishing the best water all of the time. Last year our Winter Steelhead showed up around the 15th of the month around October/November, I can’t
wait to see what this latest run of fish look like.
On a side note I fished on the Sacramento River today and it was a 6inch visibility and we were wtill 3 for 4 on Rainbow Trout, and 2 of the fish were over 20 inches.

October 22, 2012

The Trinity River is fishing very good right now. There are lots of Salmon spawning and Salmon in the holes waiting to spawn. We are hooking double digit Steelhead, eggs rubber legs, October Caddis, all Copper Johns, hares ears and Princes, Pheasant Tails are all working. This river should fish good all the way thru February. Call now for your Fall and Winter Steelhead Booking!!

August 2012
Salmon Fishing
July 2012
Trinity River
February 6, 2012
Guided Fly Fishing Trip
Trinity River

I fished the Trinity with brothers, Craig and Rick, we fished really hard and was able to land this nice Steelhead and German Brown. Thanks Craig for the Pictures!

December 7 &8, 2011
Trinity River

Hookem Heckys advice was to move the trip to the Lower Sacramento River, but Justin who caught the Steelhead paved the way for Day 2 Trinity River. We floated Bucktail to Steele, with the hopes of finding more fish, however, it was a tough day. We hooked 1 Steelhead briefly, by briefly I saw the fish flash in the water. That was all we got the whole day. Justin who was in Forrests boat landed a 1/2 pounder, and an adult steelhead around 5lbs. They say steelheading can be a very selfish passion. It looks that was the case here. I hope to see you guys in the Spring. Right now we really need rain, after the rain there will be more fish. Other than that the Lower Sacramento is fishing good.

Dec. 7th
Trinity River

Today I had a two boat trip, with additional Guide, Forrest Brizendine. Fished Junction City to Pigeon Point, my boat was 0-3. I fished with Owen and Rob. Forrest fished with Justin and Greg. Justin landed a fish, Forrest Boat was 1 for 3.

December 1 , 2011
Trinity River

I fished with Butch and Pat, we hooked 3 Steelhead but we did not land any. Pat got a German Brown about 20 inches.

November 22, 2011
Trinity River

Today I did a 2 boat trip with Bob Norman. We floated Evans Bar to Sky. We were 2 for 5 Steelhead. It was work, but it was a good trip.